SpaceTime 4.0

Very powerful calculator with support for 3D graphs


  • Supports 2D and 3D real-time graph exploration
  • Helpful tutorials
  • Xcas support
  • Program your own scripts


  • Overwhelming for maths newcomers


If you need a powerful calculator capable of performing complex equations and plotting 3D graphs, then look no further than SpaceTime.

This extremely powerful Pocket PC tool allows you to carry out the most advanced mathematical procedures and move, zoom, rotate 2D and 3D graphs in real time. Its scientific and RPN calculation capabilities are immense, and SpaceTime includes a vast array of functions.

SpaceTime includes Xcas support for computer algebra and calculus (including differentiation and integration; 2D and 3D graph equations, statistics with scatter plots, histograms, box and probability plots; as well as a list and matrix editor). The software even comes with its own scripting language for programming loops, recursion and generating functions.

One of the great things about SpaceTime is its helpful tutorials, that guide you through the process of using the app. It shows you exactly how to perform calculations and generate graphs through a hands-on approach whereby you follow the on-screen instructions.

Despite these tutorials, guides and offline help, SpaceTime is very overwhelming for mere mortals who are new to advanced mathematics.

However, if you're a math student or a professional engineer, this app is well worth installing on your PDA.



SpaceTime 4.0

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